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At Tom Ohanni, we are committed to creating high-quality, eco-friendly jewelry using only the finest materials. Our collection features pieces made from heavy plated brass, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and 14K solid gold. Each of these materials is carefully chosen for its durability, beauty, and sustainability. Below, you will find a brief description of each material, its benefits, and composition.

14K Gold, Rose Gold & Rhodium Plated Brass

  • Composition: Brass base, 1-1.5 micron thick 14K Gold plating
  • Features: Lustrous gold appearance, enhanced durability, tarnish-resistant
  • Benefits: Budget-friendly, offers a gold aesthetic without the high cost, suitable for everyday wear

Sterling Silver

  • Composition: 92.5% pure silver, 7.5% other metals (usually copper)
  • Features: Lustrous shine, durable, hypoallergenic
  • Benefits: Affordable, versatile, and suitable for everyday wear

Gold Vermeil

  • Composition: Sterling silver base, 2.5-3 microns thick 14K Yellow Gold plating
  • Features: Elegant gold tone, thicker plating for increased durability, tarnish-resistant
  • Benefits: More affordable than solid gold, offers a luxurious appearance without the high cost

14K Solid Gold

  • Composition: 58.3% pure gold, 41.7% other metals (usually copper or silver)
  • Features: High value, resistant to tarnish and corrosion, hypoallergenic
  • Benefits: Long-lasting, prestigious, and a great investment